December 10, 2012

Hospital Executive Explains the Benefits of an Employee Ombuds

Jay Kuhns is Vice President of Human Resources at All Children's Hospital and Health System in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida. In his latest post at the "No Excuses HR Blog," Kuhns writes about the Employee Ombudsman for his organization and wonders why it isn't more prevalent in health care.

He writes: 
I find it interesting that in one of the most stressful industries, if not the most stressful, the role of employee ombudsman is not widely used in healthcare settings. In my organization we've been effectively using this role for more than three years with tremendous results. 
[* * *] 
To say the implementation of this strategy has been anything short of a huge success would be an understatement. In an industry riddled with legal, regulatory, staffing, and third party pressure it is a no-brainer to hard wire support for your employees. One of the most effective ways to do that is to invest in the role of employee ombudsman. 
Although the Employee Ombuds office at All Children's Hospital does not have a public website, the Ombuds appears to be Janet Winder.  (No Excuses HR; LinkedIn.)

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