May 15, 2013

Sexual Assault Task Force at University of North Carolina will Include Ombuds

At UNC-Chapel Hill today, a task force will convene to review the university’s policies and procedures on sexual assault cases. The 21-member task force will meet weekly with a goal of a recommendations for a revised policy by the end of the summer. The group is comprised of administrators, faculty, staff and students, and includes University Ombuds and Professor of Public Law and Policy, Laurie Mesibov. (Raleigh, NC News & Observer.)

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1 comment:

  1. Nice to see that the Ombuds at UNC is held in sufficiently high esteem to be included in the Sexual Assault Task Force. That said, doesn't this have all the appearances of the Ombuds participating in a formal policy-making process - "with a goal of...recommendations for a revised policy..." - which might well confuse the UNC community as to the informality and independence of the Office?