May 28, 2013

Job Posting: Department of Defense

The U.S. Defense Department is hiring an Ombudsman for its Washington Headquarters Services. Reporting directly to the Director/Deputy Director, the position serves as an Ombuds and senior-level advisor with responsibility for the ADR Program, functioning as the practitioner for this program. 

The GS-13/14 position pays $89,033-136,771 per year and is open to current permanent Civil Service Federal Employees of the Washington Headquarters Services, Human Resources Directorate only.  The application window is open from May 21 to 29, 2013. (Federal Government Jobs.)

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  1. Call me cynical, but a job open only to internal candidates and posted for only five business days is a sham. WHS/HRD must have someone waiting in the wings.
    -The Angry Ombuds

  2. Dear 'Cynical':
    You're probably right.

  3. Angry -

    Having worked in the fed system I am always cautious to assign personal motive. The mantra was never underestimate the brutality of a clumsy administrative procedure.

    Very possible they needed to hit a completely arbitrary mark for "progress" of the search or get dinged for performance failures.

    Course, you could be right as well.

    The limitation on WHERE the individual could come from was as much a concern for me...Had to be in the HR system. Not so different than Eaton, but it still raises a question or two.

    My guess...they are not getting any external expert assistance. And this is what happens....

    John W. Zinsser
    Managing Principal- Pacifica Human Communications
    Lecturer- Columbia University
    OmbudsAmbasador- Twitter

  4. Dear "Angry Ombuds": I'd have to agree with you and the two key giveaways you cited--the short duration for applications and its availability to internal candidates only. With sequestration and furloughs in place at DoD, it's likely difficult to hire outside candidates. That's not an excuse, just some perspective.