May 16, 2013

Overview of Ombuds in Africa and the AOMA

A recent article in the Ethiopian Herald provides an excellent the history of Ombuds in Africa and their professional body, the African Ombudsman and Mediators Association. 

Here's a portion:

As some African states moved towards democratic forms of government in the 1990s, the international community focused on the promotion of good governance and the establishment of Ombudsman Institutions.
Many African states established new ombudsman institutions-classic or hybrid ombudsman institutions. Nowadays Ombudsman institutions services have become a, vital instrument to foster rule of law, good governance and human rights protection in the continent. Therefore, it needs continental umbrella organization that coordinates the efforts of member countries to discharge their responsibilities as per the international standards.
The African Ombudsman and Mediators Association (AOMA) is a body that brings together Ombudsmen and Mediators from across the African continent to pursue issues of common interest in the area of the rule of law, good governance and integrity in state affairs.
Currently, AOMA has 37 members straddling the six regions (Northern, Eastern Western, Central, Southern and Indian Ocean) and efforts are ongoing to encourage other countries across Africa to join the Association.  (Ethiopian Herald.)
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