June 17, 2013

Ombuds Serves Staff at University College Cork

The constituent College of the National University of Ireland recently created a webpage for its Independent Staff Ombudsman. The program was established 2011 and serves as a resource for almost 2,800 staff following Organizational Ombuds standards.  Currently, there are two part-time Ombuds.

According to the description of the office,
  • In relation to staff issues brought to the attention of the ISO the ISO may offer assistance with the informal resolution of such issues which may include the provision of mediation services – internal or external.
  • The ISO provides a safe and confidential environment to discuss concerns or complaints outside formal channels.
  • The ISO is available to all members of the University staff. A Student Advisor and Ombudsman is available to students.
  • The ISO is independent of the University's formal administrative structure and all other departments on campus. This independence ensures that University - related concerns can be discussed in an impartial and strictly confidential environment.
  • The ISO cannot impose solutions, but can identify options and strategies for resolution.
UCC's two Independent Staff Ombudsmen are Elizabeth Gebruers and Mary Steele. Gebruers is a lecturer in the Department of Physiology and Steele has worked in the UCC International Education Office.  (UCC Ombuds Website, ISO Description.)

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