June 08, 2013

ACCUO Chronicles Three Decades of Ombuds in Higher Education

The Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons has published a timeline of its "activities, encounters and some landmarks in the development of ombuds in higher education in Canada and many parts of the world" over the past 30 years. The document, which begins in the 1960's, marks the establishment of Canadian higher education Ombuds offices, ACCUO landmarks and other Ombuds landmark events.

The information was compiled for ACCUO by Martine Conway, Ombudsperson at the University of Victoria, with the help of ACCUO archivist Anita Pouliot, past and present ACCUO members and partners, and international contacts.  It is a work in progress and Conway is accepting suggestions.  (ACCUO History: English, French.)  

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