July 11, 2013

Creative Education Journal Publishes Article on University Ombuds

Creative Education, a monthly peer-reviewed journal focused on education research, has published an article by Josef Leidenfrost, the Austrian Student Ombudsman: "Ombudsmen in Higher Education: Helping the Single Student, Contributing to the Universities’ Institutional Changes." The article gives insight into the major challenges facing universities and describes how Ombuds can help to minimize the students’ feelings of disconnection created by formal and judicial processes and get fair treatment.

He writes:
If a university is to thrive and be responsive to a diverse set of voices, it is well advised to have an ombudsman office to assist the university leadership in fulfilling its missions—with all of its constituencies, also internationally.
Ombudsman services “humanize” institutions for many constituents. The existence of an ombudsman sends the message that the institution cares about its people and recognizes the value of providing informal dispute resolution for members of the campus and the international community. 
Leidenfrost has organized meetings of the European Network for Ombudsmen in Higher Education (ENOHE) since 2006. (Scientific Research Publishing.)

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