March 18, 2013

European Network of Ombudsmen in Higher Education Seeks Feedback

Although ENOHE has been holding conferences for ten years, it remains loosely organized and has no official members or membership lists. Organizers are hoping to collect feedback from stakeholders using a confidential on-line survey. Here is a letter from Josef Leidenfrost, the Austrian Student Ombudsman.

Dear ENOHE colleagues and friends,

In 2003 some 40 university ombudsmen gathered in Amsterdam in order to launch a European network of people interested in the same issue: promoting the idea of ombudsmen in higher education. In 2013, Oxford is the host city for the 10th annual ENOHE conference.

In between these two dates almost 1000 colleagues from around the world have exchanged their experiences and working methods in conflict management, alternative dispute resolution and ombudsman tasks and duties as carried out in several European countries (and overseas) through academic ombudsmen.
The diversity of the role of the ombudsman in the European higher education spectrum has enhanced the possibilities of discussing existing and future models during those gatherings.

Ten years after it is about time to find out more on the perception of ENOHE colleagues, friends and affiliated activists on:
  • ENOHE’s services (home page, annual conferences, occasional papers, newsletter, electronic list serve) and
  • wishes for the future (including the formal set-up of a professional association).
In order to find out more about the past, the presence and the future of ENOHE we would like to invite you to participate in the (anonymous) survey accessible via the following link:

Your reply by April 1, 2013 would be highly appreciated.

Sorry if you received any cross postings of this mail. Please participate in this survey only once per person. Any duplicate entries will be disqualified. 

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