October 21, 2014

Job Posting: East Carolina University

The public university in Greenville, North Carolina is hiring a Director of Conflict Resolution and Mediation Programs.  Reporting to an Associate Provost, the position will provide leadership and oversight of the informal resolution strategies, programs, and resources for faculty and staff, including student workers.

In addition, to consulting and assisting individuals in conflict, the Director will report on patterns and trends.  Applicants must have a Masters, J.D. or advanced degree in a related field or a Bachelor's degree with at least five years of experience in mediation/conflict resolution services. No salary or deadline indicated.  (ECU Careers.)

Note: In 2013, ECU established an Ombuds program for medical students. The university apparently no longer has an Ombuds for other students.  (Brody School of Medicine Ombuds.)

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  1. So ... ombuds-ish?

    -Angry Ombuds

  2. As much as many existent programs....
    - OmbudsAmbasador