October 17, 2014

Webinar to Feature Ombuds from University of Denver and University of Connecticut

The alternative dispute resolution portal will host a webinar on the evening of October 23 on, "Peer Case Consultation: an Approach to Professional Development."  The  presenters will be Jenna Brown, the Ombuds at the University of Denver, and Jim Wohl is the Ombuds at the University of Connecticut.  

Here's the webinar description:
Dispute resolution practitioners of all kinds can stay in professional shape through on-going peer case consultation. We invite you to learn about our experience in peer case consultation and consider ways in which you, too, can advance your professional skills. In the webinar, we review the rationale for peer case consultation and distinguish it from other approaches to professional development and case review. We consider different approaches to peer case consultation and the factors that make peer case consultation work.
The event takes plase at 6:00-7:00 pm Easter and is free, but spots are limited.  (ADRhub.com Webinars.)

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