October 17, 2014

Meet Columbia's Ombuds

Seven months ago, the private research university in New York City appointed Joan C. Waters as University Ombuds, only the second person to hold the position.  She told the Columbia Spectator that Waters said that she’s already seen 175 visitors, one-third of which have visited the office more than three times.

The article also reveals that Waters had coveted the Columbia position for some time.

Waters, born and raised in Brooklyn, worked at the City University of New York’s Office of the General Counsel prior to coming to Columbia. Waters found her experience at CUNY enjoyable, but said that she’s relishing her work as an Ombuds officer at Columbia, one of her ultimate career goals. 
“I really enjoyed the work that I was doing at CUNY, but doing ombuds work brings my skills, my experience, and my interests all together,” Waters said. “There aren’t a lot of ombuds positions in the New York City area, and being a New Yorker, I had no interest in relocating. I always had an eye on this position, and when I saw that it was open, I applied for it, and it happened.”  
Waters is in the midst of a search for an Associate Ombuds.  (Columbia Spectator.)
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