May 19, 2015

Handbook for Catholic University Administrators Includes Chapter on Ombuds

Craig Mousin, the University Ombudsperson at DePaul University, has written a chapter for A Mission Officer Handbook: Collaborating with Partners, Vol. II, just published by the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities. Mousin explains the role of an Organizational Ombuds and how, consistent with IOA's ethics and standards, an Ombuds can complement and further the goals of an institution’s mission.

After first describing the particular responsibility and role of an Ombuds, the chapter then describes several ways the Ombuds furthers the mission through applying conflict resolution techniques, fulfilling a unique role in an integrated conflict management system, and addressing the necessity of honoring dignity in employment. Although written for Catholic colleges and universities, the chapter provides insight into how an Ombuds office can assist any institution further its values. (ACCU Bookstore; Amazon.)

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