May 11, 2015

ACCUO Publishes Fairness Resource Guide

The Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons has posted a new collection of information from its members: "Fairness is Everyone’s Concern: A Sampling of Practices and Resources on Cultivating Fairness." Inspired by former and current executive and many other ACCUO members, the guide was conceived as one of many ways to recognize the 50th anniversary of the first ombudsman in a Canadian post-secondary institution. 

Contents include:

  • A Dialogue about Fairness among Ombudspersons
  • ACCUO Standards of Practice and the Concept of Fairness
  • Fairness Triangle Saskatchewan Ombudsman 
  • Fairness Triangle Adapted for Use at Post-Secondary Institutions 
  • Determining Fairness: Just Follow the Triangle 
  • Challenges in Applying the Triangle 
  • Fairness in Higher Education 
  • Fair or Unfair – The Rules of Natural Justice or Procedural Fairness 
  • Administrative Fairness Checklist for Decision Makers 
  • What Does Fairness Mean? 
  • Fairness is not Sameness 
  • Fairness is Cultural 
  • Ombuds Training and Practitioner Resources on Fairness 
  • Journal Articles on Fairness 
  • Reading Resources on Fairness in Graduate Supervision 
  • Appendix One: Resources that Ombuds have developed to Promote Fairness
    - Ombuds User Survey: Fair Practice
    Toolkit Tips for Graduate Students
    Ombuds Fairness Toolkits
    Checklist: How to Make a Complaint 
  • Appendix Two: Examples of Relational Fairness from Higher Education 
  • Appendix Three: Resources for the Fairness Triangle Dialogue
    Understanding Fairness: Fairness Triangle Dialogues
    Fairness for Everyday Practice
    Fairness in Practice Conversations
    Fairness in Practice Campus Conversations
    Understanding Fairness at the University of Manitoba

(ACCUO Resources on Fairness.) 

The concept of fairness as an important concern is one of the salient differences between most Canadian and most U.S.-based Ombuds programs.  This new guide is an important resource for any Ombuds seeking to insights on this issue.  It is also the latest effort by ACCUO to document and explain Ombuds practices.

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