June 18, 2015

University of Stavanger Opens Ombuds Office

The public university in southwestern Norway appointed its first Ombudsperson for Students (studentombud) in January 2015.  In the new position, Dennis Aske will provide independent and confidential assistance to a student body of about 10,100. This is the third University Ombuds program to be established in Norway in the past year.  

A new website for the UiS Ombuds provides examples of the services Aske might provide: 

  • Advise students on their rights 
  • Advise students as to which authority a case should be presented and how to do this effectively 
  • Assist students in cases concerning their studying while students at UiS 
  • Assist in solving problems at the lowest possible level at the university 
  • Make sure that cases are handled correctly and according to regulations 
  • On his own initiative, instigate investigations concerning the general handling of student affairs 
  • Contact the faculty’s management directly to solve matters 
  • If necessary submit a case directly to the board of the UiS
  • The Ombudsperson has the authority to arrange meetings between the parties involved 

Academic matters, however, are off limits. 

Aske has been employed at UiS since 1998 and for the last few years has worked as senior legal adviser. He earned his law degree from the University of Bergen.  (UiS Ombuds.)

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