June 18, 2015

Corporate Secretary Magazine: Creating a Climate of Trust Using Ombuds

This month, the magazine for corporate secretaries, general counsel and governance professionals features an article about Organizational Ombuds.  "Ombuds programs: creating a culture of trust rather than compliance" explains why the Ombuds safe space may increase surfacing of misconduct because employees are increasingly wary of retaliation after whistleblowing.  

The article includes commentary by Alan Crain, senior vice president and chief legal and governance officer at Baker Hughes, Charles Howard, attorney and partner at Shipman & Goodwin, John Zinsser, co-founder and principal of consulting firm Pacifica Human Communications, Marcy Wilkov, former chief ombudsman at American Express, and Timothy Shore, vice president and chief ombudsman at Pfizer.

Wilkov has a great quote:
‘It’s mind-boggling to me that every public company does not have an ombuds office,’ [says Wilkov]. ‘It’s such a fabulous resource for employees that goes beyond just being an outlet for whistleblowers.’ Wilkov says many people have told her over the years how proud they were ‘to work for a company that cared enough about its employees to provide this confidential resource’.
(Corporate Secretary Online.)

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