June 23, 2015

Blog Post Offers New Insights, Data on Effectiveness of Organizational Ombuds

In a guest post for the Ethical Systems Blog, John Zinsser has a fresh take on reasons why Ombuds build a more ethical culture than compliance systems alone.  The article draws on research by the Ethics Resource Center and Gallup, insights by Ben Franklin, and data from two Ombuds with multinational corporations. 

Here's a snip: 
AEI ombuds programs [properly aligned, embedded, and integrated] also aid organizations to live their espoused values, including being both ethical and safe. For example, UTC’s Ombudsman Steve Cordery estimates the ombuds function is responsible for up to 25% of the serious cases in their compliance system. Eaton Corporation, a Corporate Responsibility magazine 2013 top 10 “Best Corporate Citizen,” sites their program as a key tool for assuring they “Do Business Right.” Data from another Fortune 100 company in energy services has shown that facility-specific use of the ombuds function correlates with higher safety and lower time-loss injury scores.
(Ethical Systems Blog.)

More posts about Zinsser, one of the profession's best advocates.

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