July 20, 2015

Seneca College Ombuds Reports Growth in Case Load

Visitors to the Ombuds Office at the applied arts and technology college in Toronto rose 35% in 2014 according to George Fry, the College Ombudsperson.  His annual report outlines and describes his activities, and presents a statistical summary for the past three years.
In his closing, Fry acknowledges the support of administrators and his Ombuds colleagues:
My membership in ACCUO, continues to be a valuable resource. As Ombudsperson, I am able to seek advice and input by consulting with other fellow seasoned ombudspersons on an issue. This ensures the very critical requirement for maintaining complete confidentiality when necessary while working to resolve an issue. It is also important to acknowledge the large number of Senecans I come in contact with while seeking resolution to problems that are equally committed to promoting and ensuring fairness in the day-to-day application of college policies, procedures and practices.
After a decline in the number of clients served in 2012 by the Ombuds Office, the subsequent increases in client contacts in 2013 and 2014 can be seen as definite evidence in support of the need to continue to maintain an Ombuds Office at Seneca. There continues to be support and understanding of the importance of the Ombuds Office at Seneca. I believe this is a direct result of Seneca’s President who has past experience as an Ombudsperson. He is aware of the challenges associated with the role. As a result, I look forward to my continued role as Seneca's Ombudsperson.
(Seneca Ombuds Report.)

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