September 30, 2015

Howard University Appoints an Advocate Ombuds for Students

The historically black, private university in Washington, D.C. has appointed Calvin Hadley as its first Student Ombudsman. According to an announcement from Howard's President, "As ombudsman, Mr. Hadley will serve as student advocate, to investigate student complaints and expedite solutions."

In an interview with The Hilltop, Hadley explained:
Students should think of my position as an appointed official. I am appointed to follow up on complaints and inquiries. My role is to advocate on behalf of the students, to work expeditiously to follow up on student complaints, to ensure President Frederick knows every week what is taking place on campus, what the university climate looks like and what students’ needs, inquiries and wants are.
Hadley graduated from Howard and earned a Masters of Public Adminsitration at NYU. After working for several organizations, including as Program Manager for the Fellowship Initiative with JPMorgan Chase, he returned to Howard in 2014 as Strategic Initiatives Advisor in the Office of the President. (Howard University Memo; The Hilltop; LinkedIn.)

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