September 04, 2015

IOA Announces New Board Members

International Ombudsman Association President Reese Ramos says that the Board of Directors has appointed new members. The announcement from Ramos said:
Recently, we solicited nominees to fill seats left vacant by board members who were unable to complete their terms due to personal and professional responsibilities. We received a total of 10 highly qualified nominations and, after lengthy deliberations, the Board has appointed, as charged in the By-Laws, these individuals to terms as follows:
  • Associate Member Representative (term ending 2017): Kerry Egdorf, Marquette University – Kerry brings her prior experience on the Board and an understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Associate Members.
  • IOA Board Director (term ending 2016): Bruce MacAllister, University of Oregon – Bruce has served on the UCOA, TOA and USOA boards in the past and has been a key contributor to the work done on Title IX issues.
  • IOA Board Director (term ending 2017): Charmhee Kim, McKinsey & Company – Charmhee’s financial and management background, as well as her knowledge of the needs, challenges and opportunities outside U.S. borders, will greatly inform the IOA Board's work.
We want to thank all the nominees for their willingness to serve. We hope to see their names, and others, surface on the ballot for the upcoming election cycle. Join me in welcoming these new members of the Board and I hope you will continue to lend us your support as we make strides towards amplifying our association and achieving monumental goals. 
The new Board members will fill terms vacated by the recent departures of Lisa Witzler, Donna Douglass-Williams, and Lanai Greenhalgh.

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