September 09, 2015

IOA to Sponsor Session at 2015 ACR Conference

International Ombudsman Association Board President, Mauricio (Reese) Ramos, will be presenting along with Rita Callahan (Associate Ombuds at UC Davis) and Barbara Beatty (Deputy Dispute Resolution Officer at the Texas Department of Public Safety) a session entitled, “Cross Fertilization: Organizational Ombuds and Other Conflict Management Practitioners – Expanding Your Toolboxes” at the upcoming ACR Annual Conference in Reno, NV on October 10.

Here's the full session description: 
Each of the conflict resolution professional categories have distinct differences, and also many similarities. In this interactive session, Ombuds and other conflict management practitioners will expand their toolboxes by identifying and intentionally incorporating skills used in the other alternative dispute resolution practice areas. This dynamic session will focus on enhancing skills used in mediation (process, positions v. interests, and listening,) facilitation (purpose, process design, confidentiality, and activities) and the ombuds field (upward feedback, systems change and coaching) for the purpose of enhancing all practice areas. 
(ACR Ombuds Session Info.)

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