May 18, 2017

IOA Ombuds Training Returns to San Diego

The International Ombudsman Association will offer three training programs for Organizational Ombuds in San Diego, CA in July 2017.  The offerings are aimed at aspiring and novice Ombuds.

Three-Day Course
July 10-12

Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice
This course covers the fundamentals of the organizational ombudsman role. It provides basic information and training for the organizational ombudsman by emphasizing the principles of confidentiality, neutrality, independence, and informality.
The course will benefit the recently-appointed ombudsman, individuals interested in becoming an ombudsman, or anyone desiring to establish an ombudsman function in industry, government, higher education, and public or private social services agencies.

Faculty: to be determined.

Full-Day Course
July 13

The Next Step for New or Growing Programs
This course is for managers, executives, or organization thought leaders who are considering the creation of an ombudsman function, independent ombudsmen who want to establish ombudsman contract services, and aspiring ombudsmen. 
Prerequisites: Completion of Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice Course (above)
Faculty: Lee Twyman, Ombudsperson, Rochester Institute of Technology 

Full-Day Course
July 14

Understanding and Managing High-conflict People
This one-day program will first focus on understanding high-conflict personalities in workplace disputes, including a look at five types of high-conflict personalities and brief brain aspects of calming them and focusing them on problem-solving. Then, the CARS Method™ for managing high-conflict behavior, with specific techniques for Connecting, Analyzing, Responding and Setting Limits with high-conflict people (HCPs) will be introduced. There will be practice exercises for managing HCPs in person, in writing, and coaching people to manage their conflicts with others. 
Faculty: Bill Eddy, LCSW, JD, President, High Conflict Institute 

The training will take place at the Hilton San Diego Mission Valley. (IOA Training Info.)

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  1. Mission Valley is a f***ing wasteland. The hotels will be full of kids visiting Sea World and playing in soccer tournaments. Hard pass.
    -The Angry Ombuds

  2. Andrew Larratt-Smith5/19/2017 11:45 AM

    Why so angry Angry Ombuds? If we want to be taken seriously as a community of practitioners we've got to stop using this public forum as an opportunity to make these kind of derisive remarks anonymously. It reflects poorly on all of us and denigrates the Tom's hard work in providing us with this valuable resource. We can do better.

    1. Thanks, Andrew. Although, having been to San Diego in the summer, I didn't disagree or take it personally.

  3. Andrew Larratt-Smith5/19/2017 3:20 PM

    Thanks Tom. And whoops, I see a typo in my original post. I guess you are "The Tom" now.

  4. Just to chime in - during the summer many ombuds have children out of school and it's a great opportunity to be able to take a course and have the family with you for outings later, or add on days while being there. It's not THE conference, it's just a course. I personally never did this, but many do, and good for them. Couldn't be in a better locate in the summer where you could take your family, if possible. Enjoy!