May 09, 2017

Caseload Manager Adds IOA Database Categories

The commercial case management system for ADR programs has added IOA reporting categories to increase the utility for Ombuds offices.  Caseload Manager says that it is used by over 140 ADR programs, including the Ombuds offices at ICANN and South Texas College.  The cost for Caseload Manager is $1,750 for multiple users, plus a monthly or annual subscription that depends on the number of new cases.   (Caseload Manager for Ombuds.)


  1. This is a rare post about a commercial service. I have not been compensated in any way for this post, nor has Caseload Manager requested or approved this post.

    I want to highlight the fact that the program has been adapted specifically to include IOA reporting categories. I have not used the program myself. I am interested in and will approve reviews (anonymously or otherwise) by people who have used Caseload Manager.

  2. Thanks Tom! Sample existing Caseload Manager Systems are listed here:

    The Caseload Manager Support Site is here:

    A recent article about Ombuds offices using Caseload Manager is here: