May 30, 2017

Navajo Technical University Debuts Ombuds Program

The tribally controlled land grant university in Crownpoint, New Mexico has opened an Ombuds for administrators, faculty, and staff (but not the 2,000 students). Anne Seagrave Fullerton is the program administrator and she is assisted by Reese Fullerton, Kathy Isaacson, and other individuals as needed. Future plans include the integration of the Navajo Peacemaker Court services and training. 

Anne Seagrave Fullerton is a facilitator, counselor and educator. She has directed charitable foundations and not for profit organizations, led successful executive search committees, and facilitated community and school programs in Santa Fe schools and the Santa Fe Indian School. She has provided program review and academic master planning services to NTU for multiple years. 
Reese Fullerton is a facilitator, trainer, mediator and attorney, and has spent many years facilitating public discussions over disputes about water, natural resources, education, family, health and human rights issues in local, state, regional, national and international settings. He has contracted to NTU for multiple years doing program review and academic master planning. 
Kathy Isaacson is a strategic planning and evaluation consultant, mediator, facilitator, and trainer. Kathy has worked for over a decade at Navajo Technical University (and other TCUs) doing strategic planning and institutional evaluation. Kathy is co-author four books: Engaging Communication in Conflict: Systemic Practice, Communication and the Management of Difference, Mediation: Empowerment in Conflict Resolution, Facework: Bridging Theory and Practice. She also co-produced two videos—“The Team Mediation System” and “Facilitative Leadership.”
(NTU Ombuds.)

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