December 07, 2017

IOA Video Promotes Ombuds for Surfacing & Addressing Sexual Misconduct

The International Ombudsman Association has posted a YouTube video that addresses the Weinstein Effect and #MeToo Campaign.  The video, was produced by IOA's Communications Committee in just a few days and feels like a potentially valuable tool for influencing decision-makers.  IOA has posted it on all of its social media: YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.  

The video features comments from: Teresa Ralicki, Ombuds at the University of Colorado, Denver Anschutz; Camilo Azcarate, Manager of Mediation Services at the World Bank; Bruce MacAllister, Ombudsman for the International Foundation for Online Responsibility;  and Mauricio Ramos, Ombudsman for Sandia National Laboratories.  (YouTube.)

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  1. Florida gubernatorial candidate wants ombuds for SH matters:

  2. Very disappointed they chose to spotlight Camilo in this video when he is not even an Ombudsman. Surely they could have found practicing Ombuds to be in this video.

    1. He once *was* an ombuds, but that wasn't indicated in the video. I see your point.

  3. Camilo was a long-serving ombuds and well respected in the field. His wealth of experience brings credibility, not discredit, to this video.

  4. I don’t think all Ombuds are current practicing as such. That doesn’t take away their knowledge or experience.

  5. Why does it matter? If they can talk effectively about the field, and it promotes the field, that is a GOOD thing.