December 07, 2017

Ombuds at University of Arizona Implements 'Terms of Use' for Visitors

In October, the UA Ombuds Program put in place "Terms of Use" that seek to protect the ethical tenets of the office.  The terms are listed on the website along with ethics and standards, and do not require a visitor to indicate agreement specifically. 

Terms of Use 
By electing to utilize the voluntary services offered by the UA Ombuds Program, visitors agree to never seek to compel the Ombuds to disclose any information received as part of providing Ombuds services in any other forum, including a formal grievance or lawsuit. In addition, if the Ombuds Program utilizes mediation, facilitation, or another group process the visitors agree (to the extent permitted by law) to: (i) keep any and all communications that take place in the process confidential unless all parties agree otherwise, (ii) waive any right they may have to use communications that take place in the process in any formal grievance or lawsuit, and (iii) participate in good faith towards a mutually satisfactory outcome.
Although such terms are uncommon, many Ombuds have wrestled with how to create a contract with visitors to better protect their work. Caitlan Hendrickson, is the Ombuds Program Director at UA. (UA Ombuds Ethics.)

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