December 04, 2017

Montgomery College Again Agrees to All Ombuds Recommendations

Julie Schwartz Weber, the MC Ombuds, reports that the college has adpoted all of the recommentations made in her 2017 report. An email from the MC President DeRionne P. Pollard not only vowed support for each of the four recommendations presented in the Ombuds' Fourth Annual Report, but she also shared comments and gave direction regarding how to implement the recommendations. 

Weber's four recommendations were

  1. Commit to providing employees protected access to the Office of the Ombuds services, without the fear of retaliation. 
  2. Integrate the core values of civility and respectful communication into the standards for employee performance for all employees. 
  3. Provide greater transparency and clear guidelines regarding internal promotion opportunities. 
  4. Ensure greater and more consistent support for employee career growth. 

(MC Ombuds News.)

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  1. Professionally jealous.
    -The Angry Ombuds

  2. Hey Angry, didn't you recently retire? We ought to all be professionally envious of you, no? But yes I agree with you. Congratulations, Julie

    1. Rumors of my demise... etc.