February 08, 2009

Is Red Cross Ombuds Stepping Down?

[Job Posting: American Red Cross]

A new job posting at the American Red Cross seems to indicate that the organization’s first Ombuds is leaving after 16 months in the job. Beverly Ortega Babers became the first Corporate Ombuds for the Red Cross in October 2007 and built an IOA-compliant office with a staff of four. Despite her initial successes, including an online video and annual report, Babers recently warned that the Ombuds program was being hit by cutbacks due to the declining economy.

Although there has been no announcement that Babers is leaving the Red Cross, the posting seems to fit only Babers’ position. According to the job details, the position serves “under the authority of the President/CEO.” Responsibilities include: “Oversee and manage the American Red Cross Corporate Ombudsman Program and office.” Prior job postings for lower-level positions (i.e., Associate Ombuds or Service Representative positions) did not include these details.

Applicants for the Corporate Ombuds position should have a minimum of 10 years progressive experience in conflict resolution, investigations, or dispute resolutions. An advanced degree and IOA training are preferred. No salary or application deadline are indicated. (
Red Cross Job Details; Indeed Posting.)

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  1. John Zinsser2/10/2009 12:52 PM

    Any one notice this line from the Red Cross job posting:

    "IOA Certification highly-desired."