February 27, 2009

Updated Joint Conference Schedule

ACCUO and FCO have posted an updated agenda for the joint Ombuds conference in April 2009. IOA has posted a program summary too, but the revised agenda reflects last minute changes and significantly more detail about sessions and presenters.

Newly added sessions include:
  • Externs in the Ombuds Office: Why They Should be Welcomed and How They Should be Managed with Tom Kosakowski and Indu Sen;
  • Issues Concerning IOA Standards of Practice with Legal Implications co-sponsored by IOA committees on Professional Ethics, Standards & Best Practices, and Legal & Legislative Affairs;
  • Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma and the Ombudsman with Ian Darling;
  • Whistleblowers: Thank You and Good-bye with Gareth Jones and Barbara Finlay;
  • An Introduction to Results Based Management for Ombudsman Offices with Luc Martin, Lisette Thibault, and Serge Jetté;
  • Conversations with the IOA Board;
  • The Ombudsman and New Institutional Governance, Towards a Development of Participative Practices and Mediation with Louise Lalonde and Catherine Régis; and
  • IOA’s “Certification Planning” Discussion with Marsha L. Wagner, Carolyn Noorbakhsh, and Jennifer Wolf.
Don't plan your conference without considering these sessions. (ACCUO Conference Program; FCO Conference Abstracts; IOA Agenda-at-a-Glance.)

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