December 21, 2009

University of the Rockies Hopes to Train Future Ombuds

The private graduate school in Colorado Springs, Colorado announced a new specialization in Organizational Diversity apart of its Master of Arts in Psychology and the Doctor of Psychology programs. According to a press release, graduates from this specialization will be positioned for jobs as Ombuds and other roles such as Chief Diversity Officer, Director of Diversity, Diversity Manager, EEOC Managers, Human Resource Professionals, and Director of Multi-Cultural Affairs. "Inclusion is one of the most important words spoken with regard to diversity. The leaders of many organizations and corporations understand that they must create an inclusive environment in order to ensure a level of productivity among their employees," said Dr. Charlita Shelton, University of the Rockies President. There is no indication whether the new program will include Ombuds topics in particular. (CNN Money.)

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  1. Just out of curiosity - what are these institutions doing to create and environment where their graduates will be employed?

    For years the mediation community has been facing the reality that there are more trainers and schools of all levels creating mediators than there is actual work for them.

    In simple economic terms SUPPLY is GROWING DRAMATICALLY while demand is at best, rising slightly.

    Needs to be considered