March 28, 2010

ENOHE-ACCUO 2010 Conference Embraces Diversity of Ombuds Practice in Higher Education

The 2010 joint conference of the European Network for Ombudsmen in Higher Education and the Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons in Vienna promises a rich array of information for Ombuds.

The conference takes place in Vienna, May 19-21, and has the theme: "Common objectives, different pathways: Embedding Ombudsman principles and practices into Higher Education institutions." Here is a summary of the detailed agenda:

May 19 -- Pre-Conference Workshops
  • Mediating Student Complaints: Learning by Doing (Mike Reddy, UK and Jenna Brown, USA)
  • Things I Wished I had Known When I Started as an Ombudsman (Clifford Picton, Australia and Tim Birtwistle, UK)
  • Challenges to Impartiality (Nora Farrell, Canada)
  • Core Curriculum for the Development of Scientific Integrity: Lessons to be Learned for Higher Education Ombudsmen (Gerlinde Sponholz and Helga Nolte, both Germany)
May 20 -- Morning Presentations on Governance in Higher Education
  • The Importance of the Use of Language, Terms and Titles in Higher Education Life for Faculty and Students (Tim Birtwistle, UK)
  • Conflict Management Revisted: Remarks and Observations on the Status of the University Ombudsman (Wolfgang Weigel, Austria)
  • Independence and Governance: (In)Compatible? (Ram Gidoomal, UK)
  • Online Bullying, Discrimination, Harassment: Revising a University Protocol (Natalie Sharpe, Canada)
  • Complaint Management, Students Rights and the Principle of Public Access to Official Documents: Experiences from Sweden (Christian Sjöstrand, Sweden)
May 20 -- Afternoon Sessions on European Higher Education in Times of Changes: The Importance of Ombudsmen
  • European Ombudsman, Mission and Role in European Funding (Gundi Gadesmann, Belgium)
  • Implementation of ISO Certifcation and Quality Management within the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education & Research (Christian Pichler-Stainern, Austria)
  • Establishing an Ombudsman for the Lifelong Learning Programme in Austria – Challenges and First Experiences (Karl Andrew Müllner, Austria)
  • Building Bridges: University Ombudsmen and University Co-Operation in the Post-"Bologna" European Higher Education Area (Pilar Abad, Spain)
  • Ombudsmen: Defining Students' Rights – Student Representatives - Defending Students' Rights (Andrea Blättler, Switzerland and Luis Adolfo Veliz Cornejo, Peru)
May 21 -- Morning Sessions on Building Fair, Respectful and Supportive Environments
  • Latin American University Ombudsmen: Building better Environments and Fostering Social Change (Leoncio Lara, Mexico)
  • The Pathway Project – An Ombudsman’s Roadmap for the Years to Come (Robert Behrens, UK)
  • Dealing with Systemic Issues: Strategies for Solutions in the University Context (Martine Conway, Canada and Sandro Vicini, Switzerland)
  • Small and Beautiful: How Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences are Dealing With Student Complaints: The Example of the FHWien-Studiengänge der WKW (Monika Petermandl, Austria)
  • The Ombudsman Powers and Tasks in Relation to Higher Education Stakeholders (Doris Kiendl-Wendner, Austria)
May 21 -- Afternoon Sessions on Embracing Diversity
  • Higher Education Ombudsmen and Diversity Issues: Considering the Australian Point of View (Ray Morley, Australia)
  • New Approaches to Conflict Resolution: The Importance of Cross Cultural Awareness for Ombudspersons (Adrienne Clarke, Canada and Nadine Le Gros, Canada)
  • Building Diverse University Communities (Cathryn Heslep, Canada)
  • Restorative Justice: A Viable Option for Non-Academic Misconduct? (Robyn Jacobson, Canada)
Social events are planned for the evenings.  Conference registration is € 250, excluding social events.  (2010 Joint ENOHE-ACCUO Conference Info.)

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