September 06, 2009

British Higher Education Ombudsman Surveys Profession

Writing for the newsletter of the British and Irish Ombudsman Association, Mike Reddy, reflects on three Ombuds conferences this year. The Deputy Adjudicator with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education attended the ACCUO/FCO/IOA, ENOHE and BIOA annual meetings. He observes that ‘Ombudsman’ may have become a very amorphous term in the UK and notes the rise of Executive and Organizational Ombuds in North America. Reddy admits that he is a big fan or Organizational Ombuds and has recommended the model for universities in England and Wales. Anticipating the growth in campus Ombuds, Reddy wonders whether there is a role for BIOA. (BIOA Newsletter, p. 13; thanks to Jenna Brown.)

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