March 13, 2013

University of Michigan Faculty Ombuds Offers Insights

Earlier this week, UM’s Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs questioned Faculty Ombuds Michael Welsh on the technicalities of the Office of Ombuds and issues the unit currently faces. Welsh explained how he manages confidentiality and offered a warning about using e-mails for conflict resolution.

Since Welsh will be stepping down from the post in August, he was asked about the selection process for his replacement. 
 “I think the person needs to be an optimist and pragmatic,” Welsh said.” You’ve got to be neutral. You got to look at them from the point of being curious about how something came out ... but you can’t be judgmental.” Welsh added that in certain cases where nothing can be done, it is important to simply lend an ear to a visitor. “I think it’s really important to be a good listener,” he said. “Sometimes that’s all you can do.”
(Michigan Daily.)

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