October 29, 2013

ACR Conference Presentation on Ombuds in ADR Spectrum

At the Association for Conflict Resolution's Annual Conference in Minneapolis earlier this month, Barbara Beatty gave a presentation on, "Ombuds: Where Do They Fit in the ADR Spectrum of Services."  She provided an overview of the Ombuds field and emphasized the need for all ADR practitioners to work together.

The presentation summary states:
Many mediators and arbitrators do not have a clear understanding of what Ombuds do and where this work fits in the scheme of ADR work. This session will discuss the spectrum from Classical to Organizational Ombuds; which countries and fields tend to use the different kinds of Ombuds; the basic tenants of the Ombuds profession; best practices; and how mediators can add this work to their toolbox.
Beatty is the Managing Partner of ADR Specialty Group in Phoenix.  Her slides are now available online. (ACR Slideshare.)

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