October 28, 2013

Pomona College Ombuds Promotes New Mediation Strategy

At the recent Conflict Resolution Symposium at Georgia State University, Pomona College Ombuds Conchita Serri introduced an innovative theater forum, known as Pinging Tea. The concept, which Serri developed in 2008, has several parties sit in groups of two before an audience. The people in these groups sit across from one another, discussing pressing relationship issues while drinking hot tea from glass cups. Whenever there is progress, a group will tap their cup with a spoon.

Serri explained the motivation behind the innovative strategy. “I am trying to bring an institutionalized process where you can bring a person and improve a relationship through discussion” She said. “The group environment creates momentum for everyone involved. You hear one group making progress and ‘pinging’ their glasses, and you’ll want to make progress as well.” Serri felt that Georgia State’s Conflict Resolution Symposium was the perfect place to break ground with this experimental technique. (GSU Signal.)

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