September 16, 2016

Forbes Contributor: College Sports Needs an Ombuds Program

Writing in Forbes Magazine, David Ridpath says that recurring claims of sexual misconduct against college athletes indicates a cultural problem in intercollegiate athletics. He lays out ten recommendations that college sports associations could adopt to make address the problem. (Details are laid out in a paper that he co-authored for The Drake Group released this week.) One of the recommendations is for an Athlete Ombuds:

The Drake Group analyzed the violence issue and made ten recommendations including detailed proposals that would prohibit the recruiting and athletic eligibility of athletes committing acts of sexual or other violence. The recommendations include:
* * *
National collegiate athletic governance organizations should establish an independent athlete ombudsman office to provide confidential assistance to athletes seeking advice on responding to team situations, and to answer questions about organization rules and other issues of concern to athletes.
The model Ridpath has in mind is the USOC Ombudsman.  (Forbes; The Drake Group Position Statement.) 

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