September 28, 2016

Georgia State University Ombuds Sets 2016 ADR Symposium

The annual conflict resolution symposium hosted by the GSU Office of the Ombudsperson this year has the theme: "Managing Conflict, Mediating Difference."   The program will focus on ways to nurture a professional community of people interested in the intersection of conflict resolution, restorative justice, and contemplative practices. explore the nature, significance, and practices of forgiveness. The Symposium will take place on Friday, October 21, 2016.

The presenters will include: 

  • Chris Crass, an American social justice activist and writer on, "Being an Ally (Can Advocacy and Neutrality Co-Exist?)" 
  • Dr. Veta Goler, Spelman College Professor of Dance History on, "The Importance of a Personal Practice" 
  • Marieke van Woerkom, a trainer/facilitator at Math for America on, "Restorative Circles to Build, Strengthen and Repair Community" 
Registration is now open.  (GSU Ombuds 2016 Symposium.)

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