March 06, 2017

Northwestern University Faculty Seek Campus Ombuds Program

The NU faculty senate has passed a resolution backing the establishment of an Ombuds program for students, faculty and staff. Senate president Prof. Laurie Zoloth noted that Northwestern's volunteer Ombuds program, which is just for faculty, is not on par with other universities. “I don’t feel entirely comfortable asking people to work for free through the University,” Zoloth told the Daily Northwestern. “At other universities this is a paid service. … It just seemed part of my impulse in being president of Senate to hold Northwestern University’s governing structure up to the standards (of other institutions).”

The resolution passed with only one opposing vote. It is estimated that the direct costs for an Ombuds Office at the private university would be $104,000. Northestern has also had a medical school Ombuds since 2013. (Daily Northwestern.)

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