October 04, 2017

Montgomery College Ombuds: Top Reasons People Don't Use Ombuds

Montgomery College's Ombuds, Julie Schwartz Weber, has posted a two-part list of of the top 12 reasons people do not visit with the Ombuds.  It's a great reminder about the barriers Ombuds face when developing their program.  

Read both articles for all the details and her constructive responses:

  1. Some administrators do not support the use of the Ombuds;
  2. I don't want to be seen as or see myself as a 'complainer';
  3. I don't want to 'air my dirty laundry';
  4. Once I call the Ombuds, the situation will be out of my control;
  5. I don't want to be 'second-guessed';
  6. I don't believe the Ombuds is confidential;
  7. I should be able to solve this on my own
  8. Human Resources is already involved;
  9. My issue is too big;
  10. My issue is too small;
  11. I don't know what the Ombuds does; and
  12. I didn't know the Ombuds existed.

(Inside MC Part 1, Part 2.)

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