October 11, 2007

Texas Tech Considering Faculty Ombuds

At Texas Tech, the first action item at the first Faculty Senate meeting was discussion of a faculty ombudsman. (The university currently has ombuds only for students and staff members.) After hearing from Nathanael Haddox, ombuds for staff members, the senate passed a motion to hire a full-time faculty ombuds. In light of the president's later concern that a full-time position might be difficult to fill, the senate has now agreed to make the position part-time or full-time. Final approval of a revised job description for the senate ombuds is expected next month. (Daily Toreador.)

I don't really understand why it would be easier to recruit for a part-time position.

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  1. I was asked whether I would be interested in this position over a year ago. I was (and, maybe still am), but I never heard anything again. Strange!