October 04, 2007

Tyco Touts Ombuds Program

In an interview Matthew O. Tanzer, Tyco's Vice-President and Chief Counsel Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, said that the ombuds office is an important resource for the company:

The Ombudsman and Assistant Ombudsman are part of the team and handle calls and emails relating to concerns raised by employees and others. The Ombudsman officially reports to the Audit Committee of the board. This is important in that it gives her a direct line of communication to our board. On a day-to-day basis she reports to me. We have a very active ConcernLine, which is what we call our hotline for reporting concerns, and we encourage its use globally.

The interview was published in the Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, a monthly newsletter for corporate counsel, including the general counsel and corporate law departments of Fortune 1000 companies. (MetroCorpCounsel.)

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