October 31, 2007

Chevron Ombuds Mischaracterized in Press

A federal jury in San Francisco has found Chevron Corporation liable for retaliation and wrongful termination and awarded $5.5 million to a former employee. Unfortunately, in recounting the history of the employee's case, most media reports mischaracterize the role and involvement of Chevron's ombuds:
According to her complaint, in 2001 Pande [the employee] began to suffer harassment and discrimination at the hand of Mitchell [her manager]. By March 2002 Pande complained to Mitchell's supervisor, James Johnson, about Mitchell's conduct. Johnson did not investigate, according to the complaint; rather, Pande was given three choices: leave the company, leave the group, or stay for up to 18 months and get along with Mitchell. Later she filed a formal complaint against Mitchell with a company ombudsman. (Sacramento Business Journal [emphasis added].)

In fact, Chevron's ombuds practices to IOA Standards and would not have formally received such a complaint. The misinformation appears to have originated in a written decision by the appeallate court months before the matter proceeded to trial. (Pande v. Chevron Corp., 2007 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 3247 [subscription only].) At that point, it's hard to unring the bell.


  1. Too bad she didn't get more money...YOU GO GIRL!!! At one time Chevron had an excellent OMBUDS program but now it SUCK'S. When Carole Young was forced to retire after her many years of service and dedication, the whole program went to HE-- in a handbasket. My advice to anyone that works for Chevron, watch your back and PLEASE DON'T RELY ON OMBUDS FOR ANY HELP. Chevron has now put a "SHARK" in charge of the whole operation and the man (if you want to call him that) has ZERO experience in this field. What an awful thing to happen, Chevron was once a great company to do business with. Hat's off to the man sitting atop the pyramid... MAY ALL YOUR FUTURE BONUSES, BE LACED WITH THE BLOOD AND KARMA THAT YOU HAVE SUCKED OUT OF YOUR VERY OWN PEOPLE. Good Luck to each and every worker at Chevron because you will surely need plenty of it. Signed: Bitterly Disgusted

  2. I agree with the comment made above. The OMBUDS, HR and High level management are all in support of this type of behavior. You have no chance reporting any major work related concerns to them, you most contact an attorney to get results. The Company have been promoting local management absolute POWER.

  3. The Office of Ombudsman (as it was called) program originated within Chevron Chemical Company in 1992 by Brodrick Hill, Sr. He was the first Ombudsman in the Oil and Gas Industry. He lead the charge that grew from that humble beginning. It was through his hard-working and efforts that the program not only grew within Chevron, but throughout the O&G industry. Mr. Hill retired 2006 after over 31 years of continuous service. He was by far the true epitomy of what an Ombudsman was in those days.