October 18, 2010

Oregon State University Will Create an Ombuds Program

At his annual "State of the University" address, OSU President Ed Ray said that the university is on firm financial ground despite the state's budget woes. The institution has been bolstered by tuition from nearly 2,000 additional students and expects become more independent of the state government. The budgetary improvement will allow OSU to hire more faculty and, for the first time, an Ombudsperson.

In his prepared remarks, President Ray said:
Furthermore, I have authorized the creation of an ombudsperson’s office on campus reporting directly to me. The ombudsperson initiative is a strong acknowledgement that relationship challenges in a complex organization are inevitable, but we are committed to creating additional mechanisms through which we can address those challenges. Our commitment is to attend to strengthening the sense of community we have at Oregon State University.
No other details regrading the position have been released.  Perhaps President Ray will not need to look far to fill the position. Mirabelle Fernandes-Paul, an Association in the OSU Office of Women's Advancement & Gender Equity, has completed IOA training and volunteers with a community mediation program. (OSU Office of the President, Press Release, Office of WAGE; Corvallis Gazette Times.)

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