October 26, 2010

Journal of IOA Highlights Bullying Issues

The fourth issue of the Journal of the International Ombudsman Association focuses on bullying in organizations. In his forward, JIOA Editor in Chief David Miller notes that, “Ombudsmen have crucial advantages in enabling characterisation, definition and responses to reported bullying in organisations."

Although bullying has become a focus concern, the role of Ombuds has never been addressed as it is in this issue of JIOA. Articles in the current issue include:
  • “Some Things You Need to Know but may have been Afraid to Ask: A Researcher Speaks to Ombudsmen about Workplace Bullying” -- Loraleigh Keashly
  • “Cases Involving Allegations of Workplace Bullying: Threats to Ombuds Neutrality and Other Challenges” -- Tom Sebok and Mary Chavez Rudolph
  • “Tackling Systemic Incivility Problems: The Ombudsman as Change Agent” -- Jan Morse
  • Dealing with Bullying Behaviours in the Workplace: What Works — A Practitioner’s View” -- Barbara McCulloch
  • “Bullying: A View from the Corporate World” -- Mim Gaetano
  • “Experience From Japan” -- Noriko Tada
  • “The Several Purposes of the OO Crystal Ball” -- Mary Rowe
  • “The Importance of Relationships for Ombudpersons” -- Tim Griffin
  • “The Organizational Ombudsman as Change Agent for Organizational and Social Capital” -- Brian Bloch and Nancy Erbe
  • “Some Thoughts on Bullying in International Organizations” -- James Lee
  • “Some Considerations for Ombuds Dealing with Allegations of Bullying” -- Marsha L. Wagner
  • “Recent Developments, A Legal Perspective” -- Tom A. Kosakowski
The latest issue of JIOA also marks a transition to a biannual publication schedule. (JIOA, vol. 3, no. 2.)


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  2. Hello,
    Would it be possible to obtain copies of a couple of the articles mentioned above? I am working on a role play video to demonstrate the role of an ombuds office and benefits. Thank you, Eliane esmarkoff@verizon.net

    1. I suggest contacting the journal editors for reprint permissions.