October 14, 2010

Update: BP Ombuds Comments on Decision to Shut Down Office

The Anchorage Daily News says that BP Ombudsman Stanley Sporkin was interviewed earlier this week regarding the decision to close his office next summer. Although ADN provided only a few quotes from Sporkin, he did not criticize the company or the Ombuds program he founded.

Sporkin acknowledged that BP has the right to discontinue the Ombuds program. "It's obviously their decision to make," Sporkin said. Nonetheless, he said that he personally thinks corporations like BP should consider a permanent, third-party ombudsman for workers. Sporkin said that several BP executives have been "tremendously supportive" of the Ombuds Office, including John Minge, the head of BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. He also hinted at the number of secrets he had heard as the Ombuds. "If at some point, if we could list everything that happened, it would be an impressive story to tell," he said. (Anchorage Daily News.)

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