December 01, 2010

Does the Ombuds for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Intend to Follow IOA Standards?

A few weeks ago, the CPB Board of Directors approved a motion to solicit proposals for a new Ombudsman and to develop a new Charter for the CPB Office of the Ombudsman. Although the non-profit has had two Ombuds in the past, the plan is to keep the current arrangement of a single Ombuds. According to a CPB spokesperson, "Having a single ombudsman would help CPB conform with recommended standards of the United States Ombudsman Association and the International Ombudsman Association."

This is curious because there has never been any mention of USOA, IOA or its successors in the CPB Ombudsman's current charter or other materials. It would seem that the relevant standards of practice would come from the Organization of News Ombudsmen instead. (CPB Board Resolution;; CPB Ombuds Charter; ONO.)

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