December 22, 2010

Job Posting: University of Connecticut

The public university in Storrs is hiring a part-time University Ombuds. The balance of the work (classified as an Administrative Services Specialist II) includes managing office functions for the Director of Transportation, Logistics and Parking, including coordination of parking appeals.

Applicants for the union position must have associate's degree or equivalent and three to five years experience. A bachelor's degree and knowledge of university parking regulations and policies; experience in conflict resolution; and experience interacting with law enforcement officers are preferred. No salary indicated; applications are due by January 14, 2011. (Husky Hire, Ref. No. 2011325.)

Earlier this year, an ad hoc committee issued recommendations foster a civil and respectful work environment at UConn, and suggested hiring an Ombuds. However, it is not clear whether this position responds to that suggestion. (Something's Happening Committee Update.)


  1. This is almost the antithesis of the UCR posting. The UConn ombuds reports very low on the org chart and has an inherent conflict with responsibility for a formal process. It's not like there aren't lots of great examples of university ombuds programs nearby. Why couldn't the Huskies get this right?

  2. As best as I can tell from the posting, the "Ombuds" functions are limited to parking disputes since the employee "acts as Ombudsman for parking citation disputes making referrals to Director as appropriate."
    Nonetheless I agree that there are some egregious conflicts of interest in the job description with the Ombuds role. They include,
    -"processes paperwork and/or records and reviews for accuracy."
    -"with responsibility to occasionally interpret policies and procedures"
    -"uses computer software to secure accurate information and a clear audit trail of parking citations"
    The position is not informal, not neutral, not confidential, (although it claims to be), not independent, and creates a record trail a mile wide.

  3. I am told that this posting is mainly for an Ombudsman. In the past the Ombudsman position was only a part-time position (although there is no evidence of it on the web) and UConn is attempting to conserve funds by combining two positions.

    Just explaining, not defending.

  4. Just curious about benefits as I have somebody that might be interested. I assume, sine it is part-time, most benefits won't be there.