December 13, 2010

Ombuds for University of Colorado at Boulder Posts Biennial Report

During the two-year period ended June 30, 2010, the UBC Ombuds Office was contacted by 907 people with a total of 1,517 different issues. Staff was the largest group at 50.4%. Students and faculty comprised 24.8% and 17.4%, respectively. Data were reported using the IOA Uniform Reporting Categories.

In 2009, the UBC Ombuds Office worked with two business students to assess and explore ways of increasing student awareness. A survey confirmed a low level of student awareness of Ombuds services and the consultants they strongly recommended the office use social media to improve outreach. The office expect is planning a Facebook page which will debut in the spring of 2011. The UCB Ombuds are Donna Louden, Associate Director, Lee Potts and Larry Singell, Faculty Ombudspersons, and Tom Sebok, Director. (UBC Ombuds 2008-10 Report.)

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