March 31, 2011

Journal of IOA Focuses on Fairness and Equity

The latest issue of the Journal of the International Ombudsman Association takes up the theme of, “Fairness and Equity.” JIOA Editor David Miller says the idea was sparked by Associate Editor Tom Sebok, who asked, “How do we reconcile Ombudsman neutrality with being ‘advocates for fair and equitably administered processes’”?
Articles in the issue include case studies, think pieces, practice advice, and a book review:
  • “The Ombudsman’s Ability to Influence Perceptions of Organizational Fairness: Toward a Multi-Stakeholder Framework” -- Ariel C. Avgar
  • “Justice as Basis of Equity and Fairness in Ombudsman Practice” -- Robert L. Shelton
  • “The Ombudsman’s Guide to Fairness” -- Gerald R. Papica, Ed.D.
  • “I Was Just Thinking About Neutrality” -- Tom Sebok
  • “I Was Just Thinking About Fairness” -- Howard Gadlin
  • “Fairness and Self-evaluation” -- Christopher Honeyman
  • “Conflict Cost Controlling: The Business Case of Conflict Management” -- Helmut Buss
  • “Understanding the Research Process: A Guide for Conducting Ombuds Research” -- Alan Jay Lincoln
  • “Recovery From Conflict” -- Cynthia M. Joyce
  • “Book Review of The Ombudsman Handbook” -- Tom Kosakowski

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