June 23, 2011

Journal of IOA Seeks Articles for Issue on Confidentiality

David Miller, Editor of the Journal of the International Ombudsman Association, has issued a call for submissions for the peer-reviewed publication. The next volume of the Journal will look at the issue of "Confidentiality and its possible exceptions." The editorial board is especially interested in experiences of Ombuds who may have responded to "imminent risk of serious harm" by breaching confidentiality.

Miller explains:
In particular, we are interested in the context of such experiences, how you thought about your options, what you did, whom you contacted (by role), and what (if anything) happened next? Also, how did it feel to go through such an experience and what lessons would you draw from having done so? If you came very close to breaching confidentiality and then found alternative actions that satisfied the demands of the situation, we would also be interested in learning about these experiences.

Please feel free to disguise the circumstances in ways that do not compromise important facts. For example, we anticipate locating any such narratives in 'composite' universities, agencies and corporations. Examples might include instances in which Ombudsmen have been confronted with visitors bearing weapons, threatening harm to themselves or others, or to you. In this regard, we are interested to identify whether imminent risk issues are particularly pertinent for those in one-person offices. Of course, full confidentiality and anonymity will be respected.
Potential authors should contact Miller directly by email.

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