July 29, 2011

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Opens Ombuds Office

The U.S. intelligence agency responsible for imagery and mapping for national security and military purposes has established a new website for its Ombuds program. The NGA Ombudsman serves for internal and external stakeholders as, "an informal resource to help answer questions and resolve concerns from employees and external consumers of NGA products about inefficiencies, inconsistent application of policies, potential unfair practices, and other anomalies that adversely impact NGA's people, processes and resources."

The position practices to the traditional Organizational Ombuds standards of independence, confidentiality, impartiality and informality. Scott Deyo, who established the Ombuds program for the Department of Defense Office of the Inspector General, has been appointed as the NGA Ombudsman. (NGA Ombuds.)

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Correction: The initial version of this post indicated that the NGA Ombudsman was new.  In fact, the office was created in 2005 by Jim Sheldon, who recently retired.  Only the webpage is new.

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